'Ummah Sports Ltd' hereafter is known as 'Ummah Sports'

1.        Terms and Conditions

1.1.        This is a private members only club.

1.2.        Sessions run by Ummah Sports are single gender only.

1.3.        Entry is only permitted via the front entrance upon payment of the appropriate fee. Anyone attempting to enter via fire exits is likely to be banned from the Leisure Centre at the discretion of Ummah Sports.

1.4.        Members must dress in accordance with the dress code detailed in the Membership Rules section below during the participation of these sessions.

1.5.        Members must co-operate fully with Ummah Sports Representatives with the running of these sessions.

1.6.        Members must read, understand and accept the additional rules in the Membership Rules section given below.

1.7.        Members must comply with the rules and regulations of the Leisure Centre in place at the time. Where the rules of the Leisure Centre and rules of Ummah Sports conflict, then it is within the discretion of Ummah Sports as to which rule prevails.

1.8.        Members must leave the building by 8.05pm latest otherwise regular offenders may be refused entry at the discretion of Ummah Sports.

1.9.        Members are responsible for looking after all their personal valuables and belongings. Ummah Sports does not accept any liability for items lost, stolen or damaged.

1.10.        Members who has purchased credits will be given priority in entering at the discretion of Ummah Sports Representatives.

1.11.        Ummah Sports may at its discretion refuse entry or remove any members if it believes that the member has breached any of its rules and regulations or displayed inappropriate behaviour.

1.12.        Prices are subject to variation at Ummah Sports' discretion without notice.

1.13.        Any refunds will be made at the discretion of Ummah Sports.

1.14.        Credits accumulated within a calendar year, will not be transferred over to the following year and no refunds will be given.

1.15.        Members between the ages 14 to 16 are only allowed entry into the gym under the supervision of a qualified gym instructor.

1.16.        Members agree to notify the Ummah Sports representative and the leisure centre staff of any accident or injury immediately and ensure that it is recorded in the Accident Log Book.

2.        Membership Rules

2.1.        Dress Code

2.1.1.        Male: All males must wear dark coloured 3/4 length shorts covering their navel to below the knees.

2.1.2.        Female: All females must wear dark coloured swimwear covering from their shoulders to below the knees.  The following clothing would be appropriate: Swimming Costume, Dark T-Shirt and/or Leggings.  However, Shalwar kameez, light coloured or revealing clothing would not be appropriate.

2.1.3.        General Advice        Tracksuit bottoms are acceptable in the Gym and Sports Hall but not Jeans or any other trousers. If in doubt ask an Ummah Sports Representatives.        Stripping in communal showers is not allowed.        Members are advised not to move from one part of the building to another without drying themselves as it creates slippery hazard.        A change of clothing is required when moving from any activity in the Dance Studio, Gym or Sports Hall to Swimming or Sauna and vice-versa.

2.1.4.        Footwear        Members must wear footwear appropriate for the activity.        Bare feet is not acceptable anywhere in the Leisure Centre.        Flip flops are not allowed in the gym and or the sports hall.

2.2.        Timings

2.2.1.        Session begins at 5.45pm.

2.2.2.        Session ends at 7.45pm and members must leave the building by 8:05pm.

2.2.3.        The sessions will be suspended during Ramadhan and Christmas. For other public holidays please check the Ummah Sports website www.ummahsports.org

2.3.        Cancellations

2.3.1.        Emergency In the event of an emergency cancellation, we will try to notify all members by email or phone if contact details have been provided. It is the responsibility of the members to notify Ummah Sports of any key contact changes. On occasions, due to late cancellations by the leisure centre, we may not be able to notify members in time and whilst we apologise for any inconvenience and disappointment caused, we cannot accept any responsibility for such cancellations. Members are advised to check the Ummah Sports website www.ummahsports.org for general updates and any cancellation notices.

2.4.        General Behaviour

2.4.1.        All members must behave in accordance with Ummah Sports rules.

2.4.2.        Foul language will not be tolerated

2.4.3.        Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated

2.4.4.        Everyone to be treated with respect

2.4.5.        Queuing should be in an orderly manner

2.4.6.        Members must not wander around the centre in dripping wet clothes.

2.4.7.        TVs must not be put on.

2.5.        Compliance

Any members wishing to use facilities available during private hire sessions:

2.5.1.        must comply with all centre Health & Safety Regulations.

2.5.2.        must become a member to use the facility.

2.5.3.        must speak to the Ummah Sports representative if they do not understand or are unsure of rules and regulations pertaining to the session.

2.5.4.        must adhere to the Leisure Centre's child admission policy which is as follows:        Children aged 4-7 yrs must be accompanied by one appropriate adult for every two children.         Children under 4 yrs must be accompanied by one appropriate adult for each child.

2.5.5.        Boys above the age of three will not be allowed into the women's session.

2.5.6.        Girls above the age of three will not be allowed into the men's session.

2.6.        Disputes and Complaints

2.6.1.        In matters of dispute arising between members and staff or any complaints that members would like to raise, please bring this to the attention of the Ummah Sports representative immediately and follow up with an email to info@ummahsports.org

2.7.        Changes

2.7.1.        Changes to the above rules and regulations can be made at any time at the discretion of Ummah Sports without notice.

2.8.        Guests

2.8.1.        All above rules and regulations apply to guest members equally

3.        Disclaimer

3.1.        Members hereby acknowledge and agree that the role of Ummah Sports has only been to liaise with the council and leisure centre to allow these sessions to take place and that Ummah Sports is not responsible for running/supervising the sessions. Accordingly, to the fullest extent permitted to law, Ummah Sports hereby excludes any liability for any loss, damage or personal injury which members or any guests may suffer or incur.

3.2.        Members hereby consent to Ummah Sports using their details for processing and maintaining their membership; to keep members updated about the sessions, for general marketing purposes and for passing onto 3rd parties who are involved in the running of the sessions or require the information for any legal purposes.

3.3.        Member are fully responsible for any loss or damage to property or equipment caused by them or any child under 16. Members agree to indemnify the organisers for any loss or damage they suffer as a result of this.

3.4.        By accepting the membership of this private club, it is deemed that members are physically fit and healthy to use the facilities. However the onus is on members to notify Ummah Sports of any medical conditions/issues which may affect your ability to participate in strenuous activities and use these facilities.

Ummah Sports T&Cs v1.0 Updated: 01/01/2014